Byte MacBurger

Breakfast Somewhere Show

Byte (not his real name) has a visceral and intellectual love of music in all its forms. From the first chords strummed on a guitar 40 years ago through all levels of the industry.. selling, recording, producing, writing, studying and enjoying music, Byte has been a pain in the ass, always trying to encourage people to listen to music they don't want to hear. "The art of music is more than just the notes, the mathematical progressions, it's about the language of emotion." ..says Byte.

Anyway, choosing a mix of songs and styles from the last 60 years or so seems like a way to pay tribute to the thousands of amazingly creative people who have profoundly affected our lives with their music, and more importantly, to expose listeners to the broadest range of old and new songs so they might just hear something new, and enjoy it.